Hello, my name is Brent Morton. I am ameditation teacher and somatic therapist living in Seattle, where I teach group meditation classes and provide one on one Somatic Experiencing sessions.

  My practice and training includes completion of a 4 year Buddhist meditation teacher training through Jack Kornfield and Spirit Rock Meditation Center; completion of the 3 year advanced training in Somatic Experiencing; continued mentorship with Steve Hoskinson and the Organic Intelligence approach to trauma healing; completion of a 750 hour massage training and licensure as a massage practitioner; completion of 3 yoga teacher trainings and 8 years of teaching yoga asana in a studio environment; 2 years of study of Craniosacral therapy through the Milne Institute; over 10 years of practice and study of Buddhist meditation, including over 50 silent meditation retreats and practice in Thailand, Burma, and India.

People typically come to see me for Somatic Experiencing when they are feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, confused; when they have recurring symptoms that confuse other providers (easily "triggered", digestive issues, panic attacks, auto-immune issues); because they are having problems with their close relationships or have issues with boundaries; because there is a specific issue they are coping with; because their identity is somehow in flux; because they are seeking growth and increased wellness; or simply because they feel something is "missing" and desire deeper meaning in their lives.

  Somatic Experiencing is not traditional talk therapy; it is interpersonal biofeedback. My job as a provider is to reflect and shepherd the client's nervous system from a state of stress (fight/flight/freeze/collapse) to a nervous system state of well being, peace, and sometimes a previously unknown experience of authentic happiness (ventral vagal social engagement). Very interestingly many chronic mental health problems can be cleared up relatively quickly by shifting the underlying nervous system state, making Somatic Experiencing a "bottom up" approach to therapy. 

  On a more personal note, I enjoy saunas and cold plunges, long philosophical conversations, beaches, nature, coffee, chocolate, music, sailing, good books, and unplanned international adventures.