What is Somatic Experiencing / Organic Intelligence?

My favorite descriptive term for Somatic Experiencing is "Interpersonal Biofeedback". Biofeedback is a process whereby electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function is used to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function. As the provider I play the role of the monitor and reflect back to the client and "shepherd" their nervous system out of the chronic stress loop (the feedback loop of perpetual fight/flight/freeze/collapse) to a state of greater peace, ease, and feelings of safety (a state influenced more by the ventral part of the vagus nerve). The hope is that eventually the client will be able to do this for themselves after getting the "roadmap" from the provider.

Why choose SE/OI as a therapeutic modality?

People typically come to see me for Somatic Experiencing when they are feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, confused; when they have recurring symptoms that confuse other providers (easily "triggered", digestive issues, panic attacks, auto-immune issues); because they are having problems with their close relationships or have issues with boundaries; because there is a specific issue they are coping with; because their identity is somehow in flux; because they are seeking growth and increased wellness; or simply because they feel something is "missing" and desire deeper meaning in their lives.

What interventions are using within a session?